1. The customer creates his own unique card on the website www.futcards.eu by choosing the selected card type, inserting all skills attributes and uploading his own photo. The customer is obliged to check all provided skill attributes and ensure the highest quality of the uploaded photo.

2. The selected goods are entered into the production process right after receiving payment to the bank account, GoPay account and / or PayPal account.

3. Payment for the order can be proceed in the following ways:

a) via bank account

b) via the card payment and / or PayPal webpay.

4. The customer will receive a confirmation on provided email. In this point, the customer has the opportunity to check the correctness of the entered attributes. The customer has the right to cancel the order within three (3) working days after payment of the order.

5. Within three (3) to five (5) working days after receipt of payment, the seller shall prepare the final design of the appearance of the manufactured card. This proposal is then sent to the customer for final inspection. At this time, it is no longer possible to refund or cancel the order by the customer.

6. At the moment of approval of the final design of the card by the customer, the seller sends the prepared card to the customer within seven (7) working days, according to the chosen method of transport.

7. The order is shipped in the following ways:

a) through the DHL Deutsche Post (the shipment can be tracked on the DHL Deutsche Post website – see www.dhl.de - the category of popular tools - shipment tracking).

b) through the forwarding company Packeta.com(the consignment can be tracked on the website of Packeta- see www.packeta.com - tracking of the consignment).

8. The seller reserves the right not to be liable for any deficiencies in the transport service.

9. The buyer undertakes to collect the bindingly ordered and sent goods and to pay the price for the goods, including the costs of delivery.

10. The place of delivery of goods is the address given by the buyer on the order form and the seller is not responsible for its incorrect entry.

11. The buyer becomes the owner of the goods after payment for the goods and payment of costs associated with its delivery.

12. In case of undeliverable consignment, the customer will be offered to resend the paid goods to a new address, where the buyer undertakes to accept this and reimburse the price of transport. The seller is not obliged to return the amount for the costs incurred for transport related to uncollected goods.

13. The goods are subject to the complaint procedure according to the valid law.