1. The seller provides a 24-month warranty on manufactured sports cards. The complaint procedure is valid for customers (ie end users or business entities). The purchased goods are accompanied by an invoice or other tax document, which also serves as a warranty card and can be used to prove the purchase of the product. By ordering and taking over the goods from the carrier or supplier, the customer agrees with the General Terms and Conditions and these Complaints agreement.

2. The customer acknowledges that each sports card created on the website is original, therefore once the final draft is confirmed by customer, it is not possible to cancel the order. The buyer has the opportunity to withdraw within three (3) working days after the creation and payment of the order. After this time period, the order is inserted into the production process and it is no longer possible to cancel the order, ie withdraw from the purchase contract.

3. The seller is not responsible for any incorrect entry of skills attributes or selected photos by the customer. The customer is obliged to check all the information entered in the order form, ie the correct appearance of the card, the name on the card, the correct skills attributes, the logo of the selected team and the national flag and ensure the highest possible quality of the inserted photo. The seller will send the final version of the card within three (3) to five (5) working days for final approval by the customer in electronic form. At the moment when the final design of the sports card is approved by the customer, it is no longer possible to complain about any defects or typos with the seller and the order cannot be changed or canceled.

4. The customer is obliged to take over of the goods immediately after taking over the goods and to check the appearance, skills attributes and the selected photo on the sports card. It is in the Buyer's own interest to check the product immediately after receiving the package.

5. If the sports card is different from the approved final design of the sports card, the buyer is obliged to report this no later than ten (10) working days from the collection of goods to the seller, especially in electronic form to the email address: Late announced complaints will not be taken into account by the seller.

6. The buyer is obliged to immediately claim obvious defects of the goods and defects from the seller. These defects, if found by the seller to be justified, will be resolved by the seller no later than 30 days from the delivery of the complaint, in the form of credit or exchange of goods according to the agreement of the parties. We usually handle complaints within three (3) working days and we always strive for maximum satisfaction of our customers.

7. The right to claim the warranty expires if

1. the goods have been damaged during transport (obvious damage to the goods or their packaging must be dealt with immediately with the carrier). The customer is not obliged to take over these goods from the carrier and must immediately inform the seller of the damage found. If he accepts the goods, he will have a confirmation from the carrier about the damage to the transport packaging or the transported contents.

2. the goods have been damaged mechanically, by improper installation, disproportionate handling or have been exposed to inappropriate climatic conditions - the consumer is informed about the recommended handling of the product by the seller at the time of sale or on the manufacturer's packaging or on our e-shop website.

3. the goods were damaged by the elements (water, sun, etc.)

8. The buyer shall always report a complaint in written form stating what the claimed defect relates to, how the defect manifests itself and enclosing a copy of the delivery note or invoice or other document proving the purchase of goods.

9. The returning process of damaged goods - the customer delivers damaged product back to seller, where the delivery cost is paid by customer. The seller reserves the right not to accept the shipment sent as cash on delivery. After returning the goods, the seller proceeds according to the complaint procedure. The seller will re-create the product at his own expense or compensate the buyer for a refund in the form of credit. Costs associated with sending the shipment are non-refundable.

10. The rights of the customer are governed in line with the Czech laws.